Monday, February 22, 2016

SALISH SEA - Today's Microfiction

"This is going to be great!" Dylan enthused from the front of the canoe.
"Shush, man! Be quiet," Robert said.
The two friends were on a canoe on the Salish Sea, pursuing the idea they'd hit upon during their weed-filled weekend. They were going to solve the mystery of the solitary human feet that washed up on Vancouver's shore. “Over there!” Dylan pointed.
Robert squinted through the fog. A shimmering circle of light hung over the water, at waist height. “What is it?”
“I have no idea.” The two rowed until the bow was under the hovering circle. The friends stared in awe at the glowing hole in the air. Dylan reached out one hand while Robert looked down at his waterproof pouch, fumbling out his phone.
SHWOOMP – and then a plop.
Robert looked up, startled. Ripples at the side of the canoe showed where something had fallen overboard.
Dylan was gone.
“Dylan?” Robert whispered. He tried louder. “Dylan?!”
He crawled to the front of the canoe and stood. The circle glowed peacefully.
Robert tentatively reached out one hand and touched the circle.
It sprang closed, pulling Robert’s arm and then his whole body into it with a quick sucking SHWOOMP. The circle snapped shut, and Robert’s left foot, still in a sneaker, fell free and dropped into the water to bob for a second before it sank.

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